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Continuous Regeneration & Benefication
in the Construction & Civils Industry

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Winning with waste

Fundamental Waste Streams Construction, Demolition & Excavation waste

Where are we now

  • “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Recover”
  • Increase in waste discarded at landfills
  • Increased Landfill costs
  • Increased need for Landfill space
  • Increased cost of transportation
  • Increased Costs in civils and construction
  • Increased Demand for eco-friendly materials
  • Highest levels of pollution
  • Highest level of unemployment in SA
  • Lowest level of Skills in SA
  • Recycling leads to substantial resource savings

Brief history

  • We began with demolition of small buildings
  • Momentum to much larger projects
  • Local Council – exorbitant dumping rates
  • Sorting this discarded material, in turn quality useable Aggregates
  • Multiple working generation sites at present
  • We supply bulk sub base materials and other aggregates in to the civils and construction industry
  • We further use recycled materials into the manufacture of concrete products.
  • We have designed a competent logistics system on efficiently moving product to site

recycle and re-use

We have identified the opportunity to intervene into the process and recycle and re-use

Increased Employment

Skills Development

High Quality Aggregates

High Quality Concrete Products

Reduced Road Transportation

Reduced cost of civils & construction materials

Reduced Pollution

Employment Distribution to sector

3 Primary Divisions

AGGREG8, EnviroCON, Brick Sand Stone

Vision 2025

  • 5-10 Distribution Models including base, strategically set up around South Africa.
  • Each Model incorporating vertical integration of core companies (plus possible Additions e.g. Glass recycling) and competencies.
  • Each model supporting entrepreneurial satellite stores in and around the model area.


  • “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Recover”
  • Reduced Demand for Landfill sites
  • Reduced impact on the environment due to the decreased requirement for virgin materials
  • Reduced impact on the roads
  • Increased Job creation
  • Increased Opportunities for SME’s
  • All manufactured products are recyclable
  • Increased Corporate Social Initiatives in the “Green” environment, CSI
  • Reduced embodied energy of all products produced
  • Reduced Pollution via lower emissions and fuel usage due to the decreased distances covered by transport and recycling helps to reduce the pollution caused by the extraction and processing of virgin materials

Our Process

“I received excellent customer service from BrickStandStone based in Malvern on 27 July 2020. I placed an order for building material telephonically, paid via EFT at 13:30 on the same day. By 14:20 the material was being delivered on site. This was a first in my experience to date.”

“Fantastic business to deal with, these days its hard to find honest businesses that deliver on their promise.”

Larry Smith