Add Value – Enlarge space and use natural light

When making your home bigger or building new projects, by adding touches that make it seem bigger are the perfect way to raise your property value. Check to see if there are any walls that are not load-bearing that could be removed to create an open floor plan in your home. This creates more space in the home and allows you to see from one end of the house to the other depending on how the rooms are arranged. You can also enlarge a space by building vaulted ceilings or creating the illusion of higher ceilings by adding beams. Speaking of illusions, adding more windows and skylights makes any space appear larger by allowing natural light to flood in. Natural lighting and colour affect much of what a home looks and feels like inside. If rooms are painted with dark colours they will seem very small. If you choose light and neutral colours such as pastels or light grey tones, you can make a room seem bigger.


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December 4, 2023

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